Рефераты по экономической теории

На нашем ресурсе вы можете скачать «Курсовая по экономической теории на английском» в CHM, PRC FB2, AZW3, HTML, PDF, EPUB, МОВІ, TCR, RTF, LIT, DJVU, JAR, DOC, isilo, LRF, TXT! The main marketparticipants are sellers and buyers. A buyer gives upmoney and received a good, while a seller gives up a good and receive money.

Both sides tendto benefit by an exchange.

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Barter is theexchange of goods and services performed directly, without using money. Money is a mediumof exchange, in terms of which the value of all goods and services isexpressed. Money allows for complex exchanges to take place more easily than usingbarter. The price is theresult of compromise between expectaions of a buyer and a seller. The differencebetween the price at which you sell a good and the price at which you bought itin a trade transaction is normally referred to as profit.

A completely freemarket is an idealized form of a market economy where buyers and sellers areallowed to transact freely without any state intervention in the form of taxes,subsidies or regulation. A completely freemarket economy is an idealized abstraction. A socialisteconomy is supervised by government, a capitalist economy has a strong privatesector. There is no universally accepted definition of the termmarket in economics. Экономическая теория и микроэкономика; Часть 2. Макроэкономика и мировая экономика.

Данное пособие Часть 1. What is economics about?