На ресурсе вы сможете скачать «The magnificent six егэ» в TXT, AZW3, CHM, PDF, RTF, DJVU, LIT, EPUB, isilo, JAR, МОВІ, FB2, LRF, DOC, HTML, PRC TCR! Hello, Windsor Travel Company, how may I help you? Hello, I was just wondering if you could offer me a tour of Windsor.

This is my first visit to England and I want to make the most of it. And may I tell you that you have phoned the very right place! So you have several routes? Would you like me to list some of the opportunities? Well, the most famous attraction in Windsor is certainly the magnificent Windsor Castle — the most romantic castle in the world. When the Queen is in residence, her presence is marked by the flying of her personal standard from the Round Tower.

You may be lucky to see that. I guess Windsor Castle is a must for a tourist like me. What can I see there? That must be amazing! Anything else I could see apart from Windsor Castle? You may stroll to the Household Cavalry Museum. And what about shopping opportunities? Windsor Royal Station will suit you. The covered shopping area combines modern store design and user-friendly facilities. Задания А8—А14 Вы услышите интервью.

У Вас есть 50 секунд, чтобы ознакомиться с заданиями. Today in our World Englishes programme we are going to discuss Indian English. Professor Barry Smith is my guest and my first question is: In India, where more than 18 different languages coexist, English serves as the connector between people speaking different mother tongues. So the number of Indians who wish to learn and use English is not only continuing but increasing.

The number of English newspapers, journals and magazines is on the increase too. It has a lot of distinctive pronunciations, some distinctive syntax and quite a bit of lexical variation. Linguists observe the following anomalies in the grammar of Indian English. The Indians, for instance, use the progressive tense with stative verbs, which is an influence of traditional Hindi grammar. Are these anomalies kind of accidental or can you explain them in some way?

For those aware of the grammar of Indian tongues, the logic behind the quirks of Indian English is quite transparent and readily explicable.

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There are lexical points as well — like using the words but and only as intensifiers or adding English affixes to local words.